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9/4/2018 7:16:28 AM

The Importance of FPS

Have you ever wondered why professional Esport athletes use high end computers alongside monitors with lightning fast refresh rates? The answer is simple, frames per second.

Firstly, what is frames per second, or, FPS? FPS is simply an expression or value we use to measure the frequency or rate at which consecutive images are displayed in an animated display.

On the PC side of things we've had the luxury of experiencing titles at silky smooth 60+ frames per second for years and some of us are even lucky enough to be experiencing higher refresh rates on monitors which can support it. Now the question is, does FPS actually matter?

Well... the short answer is yes, here's why:

To provide a better understanding I have decided to take 2 games from 3 different and extremely popular categories which would hopefully be inclusive of all gamers, be it offline single player fans or competitive online fanatics.

The 3 categories are:

  • Competitive e-sport titles
  • Epic single player experiences
  • Sports and Simulation

Competitive e-sport titles

Let's get into the first category, our competitive e-sport titles. The titles that have been chosen are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege. The two games are quite similar in their design and fundamental idea however they operate on completely different engines and have different technical requirements from the athletes that compete in these titles.

CS:GO is probably the least demanding title on this list apart from FIFA 18 in the sports category. The engine is an aged one, thus leading to a game with much to be desired as far as graphics are concerned. Where CS:GO really stands out is its inherent characteristic to draw and demand the most out of the player and not the system being played on. That's not to say that FPS is not important, in fact, one could argue that coupled with a stable internet connection, it is the aspect of the game which can severely hinder players playing on lower end systems and put those with higher spec pc's at a great advantage. Most players are capable of achieving a frame rate of over 150 which would allow them to use 120hz or 144hz monitors.

Some people make a claim that the human eye is incapable of seeing and processing more than 30 fps. Perhaps that may be true scientifically, however there is a significant difference between CS:GO running at sub 30 FPS, 60 FPS and 144 FPS on a 144hz display. The difference is so significant that no competitive and aspiring player will ever want to compete on a rig not delivering frames well over 144 on a 144hz panel.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the more visually appealing competitive titles out there as it is running on a newer engine compared to the Source Engine employed by Counter Strike: Global Offensive. R6 Siege is a very demanding title which taxes both the CPU and GPU of a rig. The game is a lot different to CS:GO as it makes use of a lot of cinematic features in-game as well as a complicated gadget system which switches cameras and makes a lot of changes on the map when objects and surfaces are destroyed.

As a result of this, naturally the FPS will be lower than what the same rig would pump out in CS:GO. This leads to the game feeling a lot less responsive and sometimes even sluggish. Although professional players are capable of reaching consistent frame rates of well above 60 FPS, the game cannot match with the smooth and responsive game play of CS:GO. This is a clear indication of the important of FPS and it is a lesson for developers to ensure that their games are well optimized.

Epic single player experiences

The epic single player experiences we'll be looking at are the new Assassin's Creed: Origins and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Both of these amazing games are some of the most gorgeous gaming experiences around. They are also somewhat tough to run at high frames. When we look at the core nature of single player titles, we see that the goal is not to be better than any other player in a direct manner. The goal is to provide an immersive and captivating experience which incorporates beautiful visuals amongst countless other things.

Now that we understand this, we need to also understand that there are two types of gamers out there... the players that don't care about the graphics and just want the smoothest experience possible, and the players that want to be amazed by all of the realistic landscapes and textures, even if it comes at the cost of their frames.

At the end of the day, it comes down to your personal enjoyment and desires. If you want a seamless, high FPS experience then generally cutting down the graphical fidelity will grant you that (if you're really hardcore you can drop the resolution as well but I would first recommend adjusting the graphics settings). If you want the most beautiful visuals the game has to offer and want to experience the game and its art and graphics the way the artists and designers intended it to be experienced, you will most likely be at a loss of FPS. Like I said, this is all personal preference and there is no right or wrong.

Sports and simulation

Finally we move into our sports and simulation category for which I have chosen everyone's favorite sports title, FIFA (FIFA 18 in this case) and for the simulation category I have put in Arma 3.

FIFA 18 is a relatively easy game to run at a consistent 60 FPS. For the your maximum enjoyment, I would highly recommend that you get a rig which can at least achieve a solid 60 as the game is not nearly as fun on 30 FPS. The fun factor is a big one here but what many fail to consider is eye fatigue. I find my eyes to be far less fatigued when viewing video and playing games at 60+ FPS as everything seems more natural and believable.

Arma 3 is notoriously difficult to run, from screen tearing to crashes and horrifyingly low FPS, it is a game that can only really be enjoyed to the fullest at higher frames. Apart from adjusting the graphics settings, you require a high end rig and ideally you would want the latest and greatest from Intel and Nvidia inside. Unless you are able to push out decent frames, this game is extremely frustrating and will give you more sorrow than joy.

From the above studies I hope I have made it clear that a high FPS does not only provide competitive players with an edge above the rest, but it also contributes to a more immersive, fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

Recently I have moved over to team blue and green (Intel and Nvidia) and I have not looked back since. The improvement in my frames per second is providing me with far more enjoyment than before, not to mention that they are extremely power efficient, well cooled and quiet.

If you want to run the latest AAA titles at the highest frame rates imaginable, look no further than ALIENWARE who specialize in proving gamers worldwide with rigs built to last a lifetime and components specifically picked to provide maximum performance and enjoyment.

What our players had to say on the FPS debate


“In order to play on a competitive level, and keep up with the competition, you need the right tools for the job. Most importantly, you need your game to run as smoothly as possible! Configuring your game correctly, and having the necessary hardware, allows you to play at your highest level” – Ruan ‘Elusive’ Van Wyk, CS:GO for Bravado Gaming.


“I really like having high FPS for the main reason of my game feeling as smooth as possible. Especially at a higher refresh rate you will experience nothing short of greatness”. - Rhys ‘Fadey’ Armstrong, CS:GO for Bravado Gaming.

“Being able to have my game perform as smooth as possible is vital when you're in the heat of the action. Being able to multi-task certain spells and maneuver is really important when you only have a split second to make a certain decision” – Mark ‘Frank’ Lehle, DOTA2 for Bravado Gaming.

ALIENWARE Gaming Systems

Over and over again we’ve expressed how important it is to ensure that our systems run the highest frames per second, for the best possible performance. When competing on an international level, it’s important that e-sport athletes and gamers alike have the correct tools and requirements to compete on a very competitive level.


There is a clear reason that we prefer the power of ALIENWARE with the core processing requirements of Intel CPU’s. Allowing for this combination ensures that we can maximize our performance in every aspect possible. By combining this raw power, there is no doubt that your foundations for your gaming experience will be met, whether it be social or competitive.


You can head over to where you can learn more about the products and what they entail. More importantly, you can find out information on where to purchase your latest ALIENWARE system by scrolling down to our recommended retailers section.


In short, FPS could mean the difference between a tournament win or a horrible defeat, between mushy brown textures and realistic, immersive landscapes.
It is the difference between life and death for us gamers.


We recommend ALIENWARE, powered by Intel processing power.